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Wide Eye Creative is a creative digital studio that empowers campaigns, organizations and businesses with elegant design & innovative technology. We’ve helped to amplify some of the most important voices in America and could do the same for you.

Some Recent Projects

Who we work with

Organizations & Causes

Non-profit and public affairs organizations need to communicate their message with a loud, clear voice. Our process and execution is obessively driven towards that goal.

Political Campaigns

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a team more experienced building brands and websites for Democratic political campaigns. We’re design trend-setters and know political tech inside and out.

Agencies & Entrepreneurs

We partner with agencies all the time to expand their services for their own clients. We fit in seamlessly. We can also do the same with your startup to get your big idea from “dream” to “reality”.

Brands & Businesses

We can leverage our extensive experience in design, tech and brand strategy to promote your idea or product. Whether it’s a campaign, an org or you’re just selling a widget, the goal of our services is always the same: to inspire.

Trusted by the Best

Digital Craftsmen

We're a team of designers and coders working to create beautiful, human-friendly digital experiences for important causes. We passionately believe that design & technology can be a powerful force for change.

Wide Eye was founded by Creative Director Ben Ostrower in 2008.

And how we do it... Learn more about what we do